CDC’s 6|18 Initiative: State Improvements related to Tobacco Cessation through Increased Collaboration between Medicaid and Public Health
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Precention
Brief/Report | November 2022

This brief highlights 6|18’s role in strengthening partnerships to increase access to and use of evidence-based tobacco cessation services for Medicaid beneficiaries. It offers guidance based on the experience of seven 6|18 state teams – Alaska, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and South Carolina – and their tobacco cessation efforts. Their achievements and lessons learned emphasize the importance of: (1) collaborating to improve the collection, monitoring, and analysis of data; (2) facilitating changes in Medicaid coverage policy to increase access and remove barriers to tobacco cessation services; and (3) using promotional strategies to increase utilization of tobacco cessation benefits.

Posted: January 2023

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