CDC’s 6|18 Initiative in Action

Medicaid programs and public health departments in states and territories across the country are collaborating on CDC’s 6|18 prevention interventions to achieve better care, better health outcomes, and lower costs.

Learn about activities and successes under CDC’s 6|18 Initiative through the below spotlight profiles.

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Highlighting Minnesota's efforts in improving access to Medicaid tobacco cessation benefits.
Working together to promote the judicious use of antibiotics in outpatient settings with the goal of reducing inappropriate antibiotic prescribing.
Aligning implementation of the National Diabetes Prevention Program across payers and health systems.
Increasing patient adherence to anti-hypertensive medications and improving access to self-monitoring blood pressure devices to control high blood pressure.
Increasing the use of tobacco cessation benefits through comprehensive and consistent tobacco cessation coverage.
Expanding access to tobacco cessation medications and services and increasing communications around provider and consumer benefits.
Making the business case for reimbursement of the Home Asthma Response Program — a home-based asthma education program using community health workers.
Reducing the state’s unintended pregnancy rate by increasing access to and utilization of highly effective contraceptive methods.