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Research on health care interventions often lacks the necessary information to be practically useful. Under the 6|18 Initiative, the CDC has identified proven interventions that can prevent or control the following high-burden health conditions — potentially resulting in better health outcomes.

Below you can access an array of resources to guide the implementation of CDC’s 6|18 Initiative evidence-based interventions:

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Technical Assistance Tool | October 2020
This technical assistance tool provides a list of strategies for state Medicaid and public health partners to consider when implementing one or more of the CDC’s 6|18 interventions focused on reducing tobacco use. These strategies are based on examples from state Medicaid and public health teams receiving 6|18 Initiative technical assistance.
Case Study/Profile | October 2020
This spotlight outlines how Minnesota leveraged the 6|18 Initiative to ensure uniform implementation of expanded tobacco cessation benefits required by a 2015 state law that aligned tobacco cessation medication and counseling coverage with Affordable Care Act requirements.
Case Study/Profile | July 2020
Highlights how Nebraska’s Medicaid and public health agencies worked together to promote the judicious use of antibiotics in outpatient settings with the goal of reducing inappropriate antibiotic prescribing.
Technical Assistance Tool | July 2020
Describes metrics that state Medicaid and public health agency partners can use to evaluate and target opportunities to improve antibiotic prescribing practices.
Fact Sheet | May 2020
Provides key details about Medicaid and public health agencies’ core roles in the context of partnering for preventive health initiatives.
Brief/Report | May 2020
Describes mandatory and optional medical benefits offered by state Medicaid programs, with a focus on benefits related to preventive care.
Brief/Report | May 2020
Describes an innovative health care provider-targeted media campaign conducted by the New York State Department of Health's Tobacco Control Program
Guide/Toolkit | March 2020
Provides information about the Texas Medicaid benefits, policies, and procedures that are applicable to durable medical equipment suppliers and providers.
Brief/Report | February 2020
Contains a national analysis of self-measured blood pressure monitoring coverage and reimbursement policies by selected public and private payers/insurers across the United States.
Guide/Toolkit | January 2020
Provides an overview of new CPT codes for providers that offer SMBP related clinical services.
Case Study/Profile | January 2020
Showcases CNMI's efforts in reducing high blood pressure through patient adherence to anti-hypertensive medication and improving access to self-monitoring blood pressure devices.
Infographic | January 2020
Illustrates an overview of CDC’s 6|18 Initiative, its goals, and accomplishments in helping state Medicaid and public health teams address high-burden health conditions.
Website/Resource Center
Provides videos of patients speaking about their stories taking control of their blood pressure.
Case Study/Profile | December 2019
Highlights Maryland's efforts in implementing the National Diabetes Prevention Program across payers and health systems.
Fact Sheet | November 2019
Provides an overview of CDC’s 6|18 Initiative, including a list of participating states and jurisdictions, and details the six high-burden conditions and intervention strategies for each.
Guide/Toolkit | October 2019
Provides information on how people can obtain coverage for self-measured blood pressure monitoring devices, as well as resources available in Connecticut.
Journal Article | October 2019
Examines the results from New York State Department of Health’s media campaign to increase provider-assisted quitting that was implemented in 2016.
Fact Sheet | October 2019
Contains information about California's durable medical equipment items not included in the following DME groups: infusion equipment, oxygen and respiratory equipment, speech generating devices, therapeutic anti-decubitus mattresses and bed products and wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories.
Webinar | October 2019
Highlights recent accomplishments from participating Medicaid-public health teams. Medicaid and public health representatives from Kentucky and New Hampshire discussed their collaborative efforts and successes in improving diabetes care and reducing tobacco use within the 6|18 Initiative.
Engagement/Education Material | September 2019
Shares information on how states partnered with local, and community partners to increase the use of self-managed blood pressure for those with high blood pressure, as well as state-level findings.

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