What is CDC’s 6|18 Initiative?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) 6|18 Initiative is bringing together public and private health care payers, purchasers, and providers to improve health and control health care costs. This innovative effort is linking proven prevention activities to health coverage and delivery with a focus on six high-burden, high-cost health conditions. The “18” refers to a set of evidence-based interventions that address the six conditions.

Why 6|18?

Asthma, tobacco use, diabetes, high blood pressure, inappropriate antibiotic use, and unintended pregnancies are widespread conditions that take a huge toll on health and have high health care costs. Under the 6|18 Initiative, the CDC has identified proven interventions that can prevent or control prevalent, high-burden conditions, potentially resulting in better health outcomes and controlling costs. Research on health care interventions often lacks the necessary information to be practically useful. In response, CDC’s 6|18 Initiative combines rigorous evidence with practical action steps.

Why Now?

States and counties across the country are pursuing new value-based payment models to improve health care quality and stem rising health-related costs. By aligning evidence-based preventive practices with emerging payment and delivery models, CDC’s 6|18 Initiative offers a tangible opportunity for state and local agencies to collaborate on enhancing the coverage, access, utilization, and quality of cost-effective prevention practices.

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CDC’s 6|18 Initiative can help improve health outcomes and control preventable health care spending

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