Illinois: Improving Access to the National Diabetes Prevention Program Through Medicaid Coverage
Source: National Opinion Research Center in partnership with the Center for Health Care Strategies
6|18 State Spotlight | August 2023

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) 6|18 Initiative highlights CDC and partners targeting six common and costly health conditions with 18 proven interventions. The following example from Illinois showcases some of the strategies used to address type 2 diabetes under the 6|18 Initiative. These profiles are stories reported by the state officials based on their work within the 6|18 Initiative.

This profile highlights Illinois’ efforts to: (1) bolster a Medicaid-public health partnership and relationships with external stakeholders to leverage funding and technical assistance to operationalize strategies to address type 2 diabetes in the state; (2) provide support to partners around the state to achieve National Diabetes Prevention Program coverage for Illinoisans; and (3) advance efforts to transform health care in Illinois to a proactive model that focuses on prevention, with a goal of reducing hospital visits for Illinoisans with type 2 diabetes.

Posted: August 2023

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