Making the Business Case for CDC’s 6|18 Initiative Interventions: Key Considerations
Source: Center for Health Care Strategies
Technical Assistance Tool | August 2019

Medicaid and public health team members can work together during all stages of the business case development process to increase efficiency and impact. This tip sheet outlines two core steps to help Medicaid and public health partners work together in developing an effective business case to support CDC’s 6|18 interventions to address high-priority chronic conditions: (1) calculating the expected impact of the intervention; and (2) proposing to Medicaid or health plan leadership.

This tip sheet provides guidance for Medicaid-public health teams interested in presenting a business case to state or health plan leadership related to Medicaid coverage for an evidence-based intervention under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) 6|18 Initiative. The business case may seek to justify Medicaid reimbursement for a previously uncovered benefit or present a case for changing or improving existing Medicaid coverage.

Posted: August 2019

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