Top 10 Things to Know About Medicaid and Public Health to Improve Health Prevention
Source: Center for Health Care Strategies
Fact Sheet | May 2020

Medicaid and public health agencies each play a critical, unique role in promoting improvements in essential preventive health care services for millions of individuals across the nation. By combining their efforts, these two agencies have the potential to accelerate the success of preventive health initiatives.

This fact sheet provides key details about Medicaid and public health agencies’ core roles in the context of partnering for preventive health initiatives. This at-a-glance resource can help each agency better understand the expertise, skillsets, and resources that each one brings to a preventive health partnership. This information was gathered to support states participating in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 6|18 Initiative, but can be useful to any states seeking to collaborate to address improvements in preventive health.

Posted: May 2020

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