Understanding Medicaid’s Role in CDC’s 6|18 Initiative: Primer and FAQ
Source: Center for Health Care Strategies
Technical Assistance Tool | June 2019

Across the country, health care stakeholders — including Medicaid and public health representatives — are seeking to change how they work by forging new partnerships and breaking down silos to enhance care, improve health outcomes, and control health care costs.

This primer and FAQ document describe the core roles of Medicaid staff when partnering with their public health counterparts to implement evidence-based prevention interventions under CDC’s 6|18 Initiative. It is intended to help public health and Medicaid staff who are interested in partnering to improve preventive care services by identifying the 6|18 Initiative activities that Medicaid officials are best suited to lead. Medicaid and public health partners can refer to these documents when establishing roles and responsibilities for collaborative preventive efforts.

Posted: June 2019

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